Stump Removal/ Hedge Trimming in High Wycombe

stump removal

Stump Removal / Hedge trimming

We currently have two stump grinders - these machines literally grind the stump below ground level. They prevent trees re-growing and leave the site looking very neat. This method is especially useful where trees are standing in lawns. Before you request stump grinding it would be very useful to us if you could:

* Measure the width of any access
* Notify us if you know where underground services are located (don't worry if you can't - our staff are trained in assessing this)

Stump grinders are powerful machines and no stump is too big. However, these machines are fairly large, so very narrow entrances or steep ground my prevent access

We can also remove stumps by other methods e.g. winching.

Hedge Trimming in High Wycombe

We can manage any size hedge and large or nuisance hedges are a speciality. If you are concerned that your conifer hedge is overgrown, we can also advise you of acceptable heights under the 'High Hedges' legislation.

We prune hedges sensitively and carefully with a high quality finish.
We also lay and/or coppice native hedgerows and give advice on hedgerow management. We can supply woodchip as mulch for hedges, especially those that are large and are depleting the adjacent soil.